The Oral-B Genius 20400N is equipped with motion sensors and artificial intelligence, which recognize your brushing style and help you get the best results every single day. Now it is easier than ever to brush as your dentist recommends so you can get a superb cleaning and healthier gums. This beautiful advanced toothbrush protects your delicate gums and prevents future problems: the combination of the new revolutionary gum protection, 360 ° SmartRing and pressure control warns you to reduce speed when you brush too hard, and tells you where to brush too much, so you can get a more gentle routine. Last but not least, the brush comes with a lithium-ion battery that lasts for more than 2 weeks on 1 charge. With the Oral-B Genius 20400N, things can not go wrong when you brush your teeth. It is no wonder that Oral-B is the brand most dentists in the world recommend.

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